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Introducing My Latest Plan on the YouVersion Bible App: You CAN Make it through Dark Times!

As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves grappling with the shadows of stress and mental angst. It seems unbearable at times! Yet, in the midst of the darkness, there is a resilient light within us waiting to shine. That’s why I want to encourage you through my newest YouVersion Bible plan that you CAN make it through dark times!

I wrote and published this Bible plan now because seasonal depression peaks at this time of year. As such, I wanted to provide a 3-day Bible plan with practical advice that anyone can apply. What’s more, I narrated this plan so you can listen on the go! Download, take notes, and share with your friends and loved ones. We can make it together!

You CAN Make it Through Dark Times!

Official Description

Sometimes, we are faced with dark situations that cause us to believe we don’t have what it takes to make it through. Allow me to encourage you through this three-day devotion that you CAN make it! In this devotion, you will get practical, perspective-shifting advice on how to conquer adversity, anxiety, and toxic thoughts, and live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

My original plan

Along those same lines, I shared my first Bible Plan on YouVersion in September 2023: “Distractions Causing Distance [From God].” I modified and shared this plan with YouVersion to encourage you. There are many distractions that exist to distance us from our family, our friends, and, most importantly, our Heavenly Father. In this 4-day devotion, I share how we can defeat three daily distractions and allow our loving Father to restore our connection with Him and others!

I’m elated to have the opportunity to continue reaching people through Parent-Child-Connect! Thanks for your continued support!