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Crow is a very intelligent and talented bird with a bright future! He could be an architect, a professional athlete, or even a military leader… But there is one problem– The Shadow will not allow Crow to succeed. Join Crow as he learns the secret to defeating The Shadow and achieving success!

Parents, teachers, and mentors, Crow From the Shadow is an easy-to-read story that teaches children a valuable life lesson–YOU control your destiny! The story includes Fun Facts and four “Continue the Conversation” questions that will promote critical thinking and provide a teachable moment.

Join us on our journey to #defeattheshadow

“I really try to help my own children get out of any victim mentality and justification of self-pity. It gets us nowhere, huh? I can even find myself feeling sorry for myself sometimes and have to pursue a paradigm shift so I can move forward with goals and goodness! Thanks for writing a darling book with a message for all ages!”

-Susie K.

“Wow! What can I say? I am truly impressed by your innovation, creativity, and passion to see others enhanced, enlightened, and actively pursuit of defining their destiny. What an amazing opportunity our children have been given through Crow, to identify, highlight, and dispel the many myths and fallacies of our shadows. Whether we admit it or continue to deny its reality, we all have a shadow or many shadows in our life at which we must work diligently to overcome.”

-Michael P.

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